Digital Leaders

Arweinwyr Digidol

Digital Leaders (Year 5 and Year 6) are committed to improving ICT across the school by offering support and ideas to all pupils and staff.

We support the school through videos and modelling exciting software, programs and apps.

Today For

The digital leaders is an ICT club run by Miss Thomas and is made up of Year 5 and Year 6 pupils. We make sure that children and adults in the school know about everything to do with ICT.
Each term, we introduce a new topic linked to ICT and this term we have looked at e-safety. We had an e-safety meeting with a school governor and the ICT leaders of the school, including us! In the meeting we talked about making the e-safety policy more child friendly and looked through the actual e-safety policy.

Linked to the e-safety topic, we have also made an e-safety video to help all pupils understand how to stay safe online. You can watch this video below. Our next focus in this topic is to talk to teaching assistants and parents – make sure they understand how to help their children stay safe online.

As well as looking at different topics, we also help support children in looking at the ICT equipment properly. We have chromebooks, iPads and laptops – although the iPads are really old and glitchy – we want some new ones!

We have also asked every class to set up tiny techs, these are children in each classroom who take care and make sure all of the ICT equipment is put back safely. We also did a live assembly last year where we talked about how to look after the equipment properly, and we can’t wait to make more useful ICT videos this year.

Watch this space – we are even entering a film competition!!!! All about digital resilience and how to respect each other online.

Digital leaders meet every Monday lunchtime, and we also give up other times of the day to make videos and support learners.

By Coel and Imogen Head Boy and Head Girl and Two Members of Digital Leaders.